Basic Cooking Method – Coating Mix


Simply open your pack of coating mix.

Wash your piece of meat, chicken or seafood under running water.

Coat the meat, chicken, seafood or vegetables by rolling into the mixture or pop everything in a plastic bag and give it a good shake. You may use an egg wash prior to coating if you prefer a thicker coat of the coating mix.

Bake in Oven, Grill in Non Stick Frypan or Contact Grill, BBQ or light fry in Vegetable Oil.
When Baking in the Oven we recommend a light spray of Olive Oil.

Basic Cooking Method – Herb & Spice Blends

Gourmet Morsels range of International Herb & Spice Blends and Australian Bush Blends are easy to use. You may use them as a dry rub to coat your favourite meats, chicken, seafood and vegetables or you can use them as a marinade. To make a marinade, use olive oil, sour cream or yogurt and mix to a smooth paste.

Basic Cooking Method – Dukkah

Gourmet Morsels range of Dukkah can be used to coat your favourite meats, chicken, seafood or vegetables. They can be used as a sprinkle in salads, vegetables, stir fry’s, soups and pasta’s.

Dukkah is traditionally served as an entrée with olive oil and crusty bread. Simply break the bread into bite sized pieces, dip in the olive oil and then into the dukkah. A lovely starter with wine and cheese!