DUO’S Boxes (Dukkah and Olive Oil) Set of 4

Sea Salt Seasoning Set of 4 Boxes
Chickpea Buddha Bowl 70g
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This set of 4 Boxes contains:

Macadamia & Lemon Myrtle Dukkah 140g with Lemon Pressed Olive Oil 50ml

Jackaroo Dukkah (nut free) 140g with Organic Garlic Olive Oil 50ml

Cheeky Chia Dukkah with Walnuts 140g with Organic Premium Olive Oil

Egyptian Hazelnut Dukkah (onion & garlic free) 140g with Caramelised Golden Orange Balsamic Vinegar 50ml

Usually $20 per box

Set of 4 $70 (with free delivery in Australia)