Red Earth Dukkah

Rainforest Myrtle Dukkah (lemon myrtle & dill)
Tasmanian Spicy Bush Dukkah
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Our red earth blend is a smokey flavoured dukkah which combines aniseed myrtle, pistachio nuts, bush tomato and pumpkin seeds with exotic spices. Available in zip lock pouches

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Red Earth Dukkah is a unique Australian Bush Dukkah with Bush Tomato and pistachio nuts.

Ingredients – seeds (sesame, sunflower, millet, pumpkin), pistachio nuts, bush tomato, onion powder, garlic powder, aniseed myrtle, lemon peel, chick peas, herbs, spices, salt and NO NASTIES

Recipe Idea – Use dukkah as a sprinkle on meat, fish, chicken, salads, vegetables, add to cous cous, rice, eggs or enjoy asa snack with bread and olive oil.

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